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Underfloor Heating in Maidenhead, Windsor and surrounding areas

Everyone needs some kind of central heating system, but which one do we actually need?

It all depends on the shape of your house, and whether you have room your walls for radiators. If you have limited space, underfloor heating is probably the way to go.

There are two types of underfloor heating;

Electric underfloor heating and water underfloor heating. No matter which type you choose, it could be a great solution and alternative to normal heating through your radiator.

They can be installed under any kind of flooring, such as tile, stone, carpet and wood. Below is a description of both to help you understand them, our team at Swap Heating can help explain more.

Why should I get Underfloor Heating

When renovating your bathroom, kitchen, or any room for that matter – underfloor heating is 100% worth thinking about.

You will save a lot on the labour cost if the flooring is being lifted up and changed anyway which 90% of the time it is if you’re having renovation work done.

The comfort and the cost savings of running the system on your heating bills will work out to your advantage in a longer run.

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Underfloor heating: what to think about..

Swap Heating would like to give you some key things it’s worth keeping in mind when considering whether to get underfloor heating. 

First, are you getting your underfloor heating fitted in a new room, such as an extension, or retrofitting it somewhere that already has flooring?

Putting underfloor heating into a new room is a lot simpler and less expensive, as you won’t have to take up old flooring.

Research shows the most popular place to have underfloor heating is in a bathroom –

More than half (51%) of our underfloor heating owners have it installed there.

The next most popular room is the kitchen (38%). 

Next, consider the type of system and where it will be installed. Swap Heating can help you with this decision.

Generally speaking, water systems are better suited to bigger rooms. 

Water systems are more complex, so you’ll it to be installed by a professional plumber or heating engineer.

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